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I noticed that some new staff are having issues with how to use commands with steamIDs so if other staff members aren't around you can look at this for a guide. Hope it helps and if it doesn't at least keep the steamID so I or another staff member can help you later.  Big Grin

1. Ways to get a steamID
  • Press f8, go to damagelogs, rightclick on the name and it should pop up an option to get the steamID
  • When a player joins or disconnects a message will appear in the chat with their name and steamID
  • If the player is still on the server you can type "status" in your console and see all the steamIDs
2. How to ban/kick using steamID
  • Type !menu
  • Go to utility
  • Find banid or kickid
  • Copy and paste steamID into designated spot
  • Fill in the other info it asks for and click the command
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